Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to Day Three

Good Wednesday Morning to you all! And happy Day Three in the Hope for the Holidays blog! I feel like this week has been an experiment on just how difficult time management can be all year round, especially around the holidays. My mom is here and we are putting a memory book together for my grandparents. We are having a ball. But here I am posting three days late, eating breakfast while Dekker bounces away in the Jumparoo!
So I don't have a lot to say this morning, but I want to open up the blog to your comments about the first week. What is God pointing out to you? What stuck out? What stuck out to me, that I'm ready to put into words, is that God was the very nature of love. Love wasn't something that he did-- it was who he was. I want to be the type of person who is loving, not who occasionally does loving acts.
I'm anxious to hear from each of you!


  1. Ug. I have a confession. Between my banana bread, talking to my mom, listening to Dekker squeal, I didn't realize that Beth had already posted yesterday. We had texted and I knew she wanted to post, but also knew she was really busy. So in my trying to help I posted somewhat unnecessarily. Forgive me. Let's just laugh a good laugh about this and move on!!!!

  2. So I finally got my book in the mail the other day. I'm wondering where we are supposed to be. Any idea?