Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome....and Merry Christmas!

Hello! Welcome to the Hope for the Holidays Bible Study Blog! I'm wondering if you are feeling the same way I am about the upcoming season? The holidays can be so busy and crazy and stressful --- it becomes easy to lose our priorities and get lost in the festivities. It is my hope that you've come to this site with hope of your own to grow closer to Jesus this Christmas season. This bible study might be for you if.....

  • You aren't able to commit a full evening out of your busy week to meet with a group

  • You might be feeling additional stress from jobs, shopping, and schedules

  • You think the mention of Christmas is like hitting a crazy button for your family :)

  • You can't handle Britney Spears singing Away in a Manger to a techno beat and this effects your view of all Christmas music.

  • You want some structure in your daily Bible reading and don't know where to start

  • You want to try out a Bible Study Blog with me! Just to see if it might work!?

I'm so excited about this! I'll post more details soon, but the idea is that we will find a Christmas book and discuss it together via this Blog. I am praying for the book to be a very obvious choice that will appeal to all women in all seasons of life --- and I will announce this soon so we can get it and get going! This will be a very public blog that anyone can join. While this will make us a very welcoming study, we will also want to be careful that we post comments that we wouldn't mind anyone reading. All ladies are invited to participate in the study, however anyone on the internet will be able to view our site.

My very best friend, Stef, will be co-authoring the discussion with me and we will develop a schedule of when we will post topics and questions for you all to respond to with your thoughts. I don't know about you, but I need accountability! The "comments" option will give us a chance to communicate with each other by responding to the posts.

If you are even a little bit intrigued :) ---- would you leave your name as a comment to this post??? Even if there are just a handful of us, I think this will still be fun! How about leaving your favorite Christmas movie, along with your name, just to get us in the spirit of things?!

Does that cover everything?? Let me know if you have thoughts or questions! So excited!!