Sunday, November 1, 2009

God is in the Small Stuff --- at Christmas

Ok Ladies -- here it is! I think that God is in the Small Stuff at Christmas is going to be a great book for our blog study. The chapters are short in length, but will provide us with lots to talk about I'm sure :) What I really like about these authors is that they've given us some things to think about at the end of each topic. I need as much help as I can get when it comes to keeping my thoughts on Jesus throughout today, and I think this book will be a great Christmas guide.

For those of you in the Omaha area, this book is at Parables for the bargain price of 9.97 --- however click here to be taken to where it's also very affordable. For those of you in the Honduras area, we will try to make sure we keep you updated on what we're reading so you can still add to the discussion :)

Do you think we can have our books by next Monday?? That would give us almost 2 months to go through the study. I will post a schedule so we know about where we should be on each day. If you don't get the book in time, or join in late or happen to get behind--- do not worry! --- just catch up as soon as you can. No judgement in the Bible Study Blog. :)

My excitement is continuing to grow!! Can't wait to get started! --- Beth

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